Bioclimatic Innovation Oinofyta


The “BIOCLIMATIC UPGRADES PUBLIC OPEN SPACE” programme refers to the design and implementation of urban innovation pilot projects that are located within the web of cities of Greece. This programme has specific bioclimatic characteristics and aims at halting the urban climate change. The “BIOCLIMATIC UPGRADES PUBLIC OPEN SPACE” programme is an initiative of the Ministry of Reconstruction of production Environment & Energy and the Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving.


The “BIOCLIMATIC UPGRADES PUBLIC OPEN SPACE’’ programme aims to decelerate and reverse the urban climate change. The main objectives of the project are :

  • to reverse Thermal Climate Change in Urban Environment
  • to protect the vulnerable populations during the Thermal Disorders (hot episodes)
  • to improve the microclimate in High Density Urban Blocks which focuses mostly on low-income urban areas
  • to reduce the energy consumption of buildings during summer and winter period
  • to improve thermal comfort level of outdoor pedestrian spaces
  • to enhance and develop the know-how, the design industry and the production of ecofriendly buildings materials.


The Municipality of Tanagra according to. No. 724 CRES-EPPERAA // 01.11.2013 (ΑΔΑ ΒΛΞΧ469ΗΚΜ-ΔΩ0) joined the Operational Programme ‘’Environment and Sustainable Development 2007-2013’’ in order to reform the selected urban areas of Oinofita, to increase urban and suburban green areas, to improve the microclimate of Oinofita and to improve residents’ quality of life and thermal comfort.

The project is financed by the Cohesion Fund by 85% and National Resources by 15% under the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) 2007-2013, of the primary strategic priority «Protecting the Atmospheric Environment-Increasing ‘Green’ Transportation-Managing Climate Change- Renewable Energy Source» under the Operational Programme “Environment and Sustainable Development 2007-2013” for “Bioclimatic Upgrades Public Open Spaces”, Project 4 ‘Service Provision for the Implementation of Informing and Promoting Actions of the Act’ the Act ‘Bioclimatic Innovation Oinofita’ with MIS code 376661, code act ΣΑ 2013ΣΕ06180026.

The Municipality of Tanagra according to “BIOCLIMATIC INNOVATION IN OINOFYTA” reforms and upgrades a selected area in the center of Oinofyta. This area is in total 25.000m2 and is consisted of the Oinofyta’s central square, a car park in Pyrgou street and seven (7) High Streets. These seven (7) streets are are P.St. Sklias, Athens 25th of March, Pyrgou, Liapis, S. Sklias and Asopou).

The interventions to be implemented in the region of Oinofyta are the followings:

  • Creation of sidewalks / widening existing pavements
  • Replacement of the existing materials of the streets and pavements with new generation ‘cool’ materials, which are of greater reflectance and ability to decrease superficial temperature (including implementation of photocatalitic coating in selected areas of Oinofyta)
  • Street Lighting Installation
  • Planting in selected areas of the pavements
  • Creation of irrigation system in order to water the plants
  • Construction of storm water drainage system (street Liapis and P. St. Sklias)
  • Construction and implementation of a fountain in the central square of Oinofita


There are multiple and important expected benefits as they upgrade the environment and residents’ quality of life.

The expected benefits are the following:

  • Increase green urban spaces Improvement of the microclimate of Oinofyta
  • Improvement of residents’ thermal comfort levels (ambient temperature reduced at least 1.8 degrees ºC)
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improvement of air quality due to the fact that Oinofyta is located in an industrial zone with high air pollution
  • Contribution for the use of alternative modes of transportation (eg bicycles) and minise traffic jam
  • Creation of upgraded bioclimatic open spaces will provide friendly to pedestrians areas (spaces available for pedestrians will be more that the once for the use of cars)
  • Aesthetic upgrade of Oinofyta might empower the commercial and professional activity on the surrounding streets, providing the opportunity to develop new activities

The project is paying increasing and special attention to the accessibility and safe movement of persons with disabilities, elders , children and families with baby strollers in the outdoor areas of the municipality.

Final Vioclimate intervention

Achieved Project’s Objectives

After completion of bioclimatic innovation in Oinofita are achieved the following objectives:

-Reduce average maximum summer ambient temperature of 2,0° C degrees at a height of 1.80 m

-Reduce the typical daily sum of base vathmohours 26 ° C in height 1.80 m 28.6%

-Reduce the mean spatial maximum surface temperature of 16,0 ° C

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