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The name of the public benefit company is “MUNICIPAL PUBLIC BENEFIT COMPANY OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF TANAGRA” and its trade title is “DI.K.E.T.”


The Public Benefit Company of the Municipality of Tanagra is a public benefit company regulated under law 3463/2006. The company’s registered seat is the Municipality’s seat, meaning Schimatari.


The object of the Public Benefit Company of the Municipality of Tanagra is to design and develop actions on the fields of sports, culture and environment, taking into account the fulfillment of the residences’ needs in the best possible way. In brief the purposes based on each field are the following:

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  • The creation, operation, administration, preservance of Sports Centers, Gyms, Sports fields, Swimming Pools and in general of Sports Facilities which are used by or allotted to the Municipality of Tanagra and also the insurance of the technical infrastructure and the necessary equipment for the coverage of the need to engage into sports for free and in an organized context for all the residences of the Municipality of Tanagra and especially the young ones.
  • The cultivation and development of the sports spirit for everyone (free sports and organized sports), the exploitation of the relevant programs and the operation of special divisions for the participation of Persons with Special Needs to the sports facilities.
  • The upgrade of the cultural and athletics level, the development of the “fair play’’ spirit, of the athletic spirit, the spiritual, physical and cultural education of the residences of the municipality
  • The organization and support of sports events and the execution of programs that enhance team sports.
  • The establishment and operation of sports groups, Academies for the children and the youth and other teams for the participation of the residences to the several sport teams. Participation to competitions (champions, all-day matches etc)
  • The development of team and amateur sports and the promotion of sports activities among the Municipality for the better fulfillment of the residences needs and of the competent operators for Sports and Youth programs (sports for everyone and competitive sport), as well as the support of every activity organized by the above entities but also by non-organized residences.
  • The exploitation of the spare time of the residences and especially the young ones , the cultivation of sports spirit, collectiveness and cooperation, the reinforcement of the social attempts and pursuits for the health preservance , the spiritual balance, the recreation and the abstinence from the drugs.
  • The spreading-through the sport spirit- of the traditions and pacifist ideas of our nation and the promotion of universal friendship bonds through the sport spirit.
  • The organization, development and support of every kind of Sports Activity in the Municipality of Tanagra (educational seminars, public talks, discussions, sports events, sports of municipal, national and international level etc) in order to cultivate the sports spirit and the competitive spirits with the values of sport spirit without fanatism or violence in the sports facilities, needless competitive actions or speculative goals.
  • The cooperation with Schools and Sports Teachers and the operators of Sports Activities in the municipality and the general area and the providing with every possible means, of the necessary moral and technical aid and support in order to enhance and amplify the field of the initiatives for the development of the sport idea.
  • The moral and technical support for the pursuance of the development of all kinds of sports activities and sports societies in the area. The cultivation of the naturalism spirit in the context of the protection of the environment and the achievement of the contact with the nature that provide the motivation for engaging into a physical activity. The creation of a fund for the achievement of the purpose.
  • The providing of technical support of every kind and cooperation with the Sports Teachers in Schools for the development of School Athletism.
  • The cooperation with other municipalities and Sports Groups, Sports Federations, which have in common the pursuance of the general sports development.
  • The implementation of programs co-funded by the European Union and by National Fund Resources that will be in service of the above objectives.
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  • The creation, development and promotion of every kind of intellectual and cultural activity that aims to the intellectual and spiritual training of the citizens.
  • The motivation of the citizens for their broader participation to cultural and art events.
  • The spreading and promotion of fine arts, dancing, theatre, music, literature, cinema and cultural events and festivals.
  • The support, the preservation and spreading of our cultural inheritance and artistic creativity of the area, the motivation of all the citizens, in order to fully and consciously participate to the cultural life of their place of residence.
  • The development and promotion of the cooperation with other societies (for instance groups and other legal entities) on cultural and social issues as well as the participation or coorganisation of cultural events with other operators in the area.
  • The organization of concerts, theatrical plays, festivals and other cultural events and the citizen’s participation to these events.
  • The promotion of cultural exchanges on a national, European and international level, according to the existing legislation.
  • The information of the citizens and the visitors of the area for the cultural and athletic events and the other activities that do not have a trading character (such as a Help Desk)
  • The claiming of the required programs from international entities.
  • The participation to National and European Cultural networks.
  • The development of initiatives that will set as a goal the promotion of the area’s cultural life, the administration, preservation, evaluation and operation of the Cultural Centre.
  • The issuance of printed informative forms of every kind related to the cultural activities of the municipality.
  • The organization and execution of events and particularly concerts and other musical events etc.
  • The cultural and artistic representation and promotion of the Municipality of Tanagra with music events, concerts, festivals and competitions, organized in the Municipality’s seat and can be transferred to other cities too, in Greece and abroad.
  • The organization and production of exhibitions of Greek and foreign artists and the publishing of materials related to art.
  • The creation of a dancing group in order to promote and spread the concept of Traditional Dances, Modern dances, the art of gymnastics, the art of dancing therapy and other similar activities.
  • The creation of a Cinema Group (Club) through which the young people and the rest of the citizens of the Municipality will get closer to the idea of the quality cinema as the Club will project all the important cinema plays, that considerably promote the cultural concept of our century.
  • The creation of a Municipal art gallery, together with the creation of a special room for art exhibitions, preservance of the artworks of local artists, drawers etc. What is more, the Gallery will often present art festivals and events, in order for the citizens to be more familiar and concerned for the concept of art. Finally, we are organizing the creation of a special room that will accommodate the Folklore Museum, containing objects of the everyday life, promoting in that way our tradition and local culture.
  • The creation of a Folklore History Museum, the preservation of the memory of our culture and the enforcement of the elements that characterize our historical identity. More specific:
  • The accumulation, preservation and protection (digitalization) of the primal material (oral tradition) of our culture (myths, customs and morals, tails, traditions, songs, dances, elements of traditional religious worship, art, local dialects, local names and in general the historical material referring to our community.
  • The accumulation, preservation and protection (recording-collection and photo shooting of traditional art objects (furniture, home equipment, frames, embroideries, traditional costumes, jewelry, wood crafts, agricultural tools etc)
  • The Collection of historical data and contracts (pre-matrimonial contracts, purchases, judicial decisions, maps etc)
  • The projection of objects relating to the social life, the economic situation, the cultural activity, the morals and customs of our community’s residences.
  • The organization of Exhibitions, talks and other events.
  • The publication of reviews, essays and other pieces of literature that engage on issues relating to the citizens of our Municipality,
  • The cooperation with international organizations and other national and local entities that deal with topics related to the municipality/ any other activity that facilitates the operation of the General Archive.
  • The creation of a Centre for Studies of Tanagra and Researches, the enhancement of the general monuments of Ancient Tanagra, the research, the collection and classification of Information that concern the area of Ancient Tanagra, the promotion of plans for inter-communal cooperation of the Centre with other European Countries and other communal organizations and the analysis of the accumulated experience with the view to use it for the benefit of the Centre, the exploitation of the scientific structure and knowledge on specific projects and programs of the Centre for a multifunctional cooperation.
  • Implementation of programs co-funded by the European Union and by National Resources that will benefit the goals of the abovementioned area.
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  • The protection and administration of water resources, the protection of the land and of the underground water and the combat against the pollution of the Municipality.
  • The address of several environmental issues, in cooperation with other Municipalities of the Area.\
  • The creation of an environmental network for the information and awareness of all the citizens on issues of pollution and recycling, protection and correct management of the water resources and protection of the land.
  • Following the program Clean Shores- Clean Sea of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change.
  • The implementation of the program for the protection of the wild life.
  • The promotion of an evergreen development and the awareness for the environment.
  • The promotion of the environmental education.
  • The active participation in relevant programs of the European Union
  • The operation of a lab for the control of the municipality’s pollution problem.
  • The development and promotion of cooperation with university and public entities and entities of public benefit in general.
  • Implementation of programs co-funded by the European Union and by National Resources that facilitate the achievement of the abovemetioned goals.


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